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some websites wat I quite like



James Waites' Website James Waites
James is one of those rare breeds of reviewers; he knows what he is talking about. To read a Waites review is to take a trip through theatrical history. Opinionated, perverse and occasionally scathing James is never dull.


Sue's Website Sue Bonaretti
A powerhouse hidden inside a sub-station, Sue writes and writes … and writes, and when she can’t write anymore she produces. Stage, screen and fiction Ms Sue is a force of nature. I am amazed and exhausted by her.



SSP Website

Santa Productions
The bastard child of Ms Bonaretti’s love for film, Santa Productions is Australia’s newest production company for emerging writers. Nothing is safe from Santa Claus to supermarkets Sue and her co-producers are beavering (sorry) away 24/7.



Simon's Website Simon Gillespie
Simon is an entertainer in the true sense of the word; from cabaret to theatre and now to film Mr G never leaves anything in the dressing room (yes I know not even that jacket with the sequins.)


Jesse's Website Jesse Archer
Jesse Archer lives life like Mame Dennis – while we’re all starving he’s having a banquet. Traveller, actor, author and film producer Jesse is the only man I know who has been banned from bars on every continent for doing his world famous cartwheel. Jesse is the energiser bunny on speed.

It's a Simon - by design website.