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Screenings and info for SHOPPING:

Long Island International Film Expo 2012 - (Winner – Best Original Song in a Short Film)
SHOUT Birmingham G&L Film Festival 2012
Austin G&L International Film Festival 2012
New Orleans Film Festival 2012
Palm Springs G&L Film Festival 2012
Tampa International G&L Film Festival 2012
OUTrageous! Santa Barbara Film Festival 2012
Australians in Film LA screening Oct 2012
Australian Screen Music Awards 2012 - (Nominee – Best Original Song Composed for the Screen)
Melbourne Queer Film Festival 2013 - (Nominee – City of Melbourne Award)
Sydney Mardi Gras Film Festival 2013 - (Nominee – My Queer Career Award)
Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Market 2013
Torino GLBT Film Festival 2013
Inside Out Toronto LGBT Film Festival 2013
Bendigo Queer Film Festival 2013
Cairns Queer Film Festival 2013
ACON Afternoon Delight 2013 in Sydney, Albury, Lismore, Newcastle 
Frameline37 San Francisco International LGBT Film Festival 2013
Yarraville’s West Hollywood Film Festival 2013

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